ERDCO SeeFlo 3200


See-Flo® meters are variable area flow rate meters (“rotameter”). The internal volume of the housing enlarges from the inlet to the outlet. The primary element is a tempered alloy vane with one end affixed to the apex of the meter housing. As the flow rate changes, the vane is flexed in direct proportion.

See-Flo® Meters indicate flow rate and permit visual inspection of water, air or other transparent fluids. For general purpose industrial service, See-Flo® meters handle a wide range of process fluids in vertical or horizontal piping runs. The wedge shape of the meter housing makes See-Flo® practically self-cleaning. Where periodic maintenance might be necessary, the tempered glass window is easily removed and replaced.









  • Instantaneous flow rate measurement.
  • Observe fluid conditions for color, clarity and flow.
  • Use in horizontal or vertical piping systems.
  • Individually calibrated for fluid and operating conditions.
  • User selectable 10:1 turndown flow ranges. (See Meter Rangeability Sizing Tables)
  • User selectable units of measure including dual units of measure.
  • No floats to get stuck, tubes to break or dynamic seals to leak.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • Simple design with few parts for long service life.


  • Water
  • Air
  • Nitrogen
  • Vacuum service
  • Other transparent liquids or gases