W.T. Maye, Inc.

We are a Solutions Company:

W. T. Maye, Inc. (WTMI) was founded on the principles of integrity in solving process measurement, control, and filtration problems. With technically trained professionals we take pride in listening to our customers and learning about their business, their problems, their needs & desires in order to provide the best solutions.

Our goal: To provide the best possible solution that is in the customer’s best interest

We are a Service Company:

We understand that our greatest role is one of a servant. We adhere to the principle that the greatest leader is the one who serves others. We utilize these service principles in our daily work as we seek to serve our customers with the highest of standards.

Our Goal: Service with integrity, competency and a smile.

We are a Driven Company:

We are driven by the Pursuit of Excellence & Integrity in all we do, knowing we answer to a higher authority. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business – sales, service, & support and to do so with integrity.

Our goal: To simply say what we mean and mean what we say as we provide the highest level of service & highest quality products to our customers

We are a Family Company

At W. T. Maye, Inc. every staff member is more than just a team member – they’re considered a WTMI family member. Our people are truly our greatest asset and they are the ones who add the most value for serving our customers.

Our goal: To treat everyone the way we would desire to be treated… with value and respect

Some of Our Clients