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CONA Steam Traps:  Economy through Energy Savings

Save energy with CONA‘s advanced steam trap technology. Ball float, bimetallic, thermodynamic and balanced pressure steam traps or CODI manifolds. Cut costs and energy consumption with the patented CONA-control monitoring system. Thousands of steam traps tested individually in just three seconds!

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Steam & Condensate Systems:  

Engineered Turn-Key and Custom Skids for Energy Savings.  Plug & Play Design.  Industrial ready.

  • Heat Exchange Systems
  • Condensate Recovery & Return Systems
  • Flash Steam Systems
  • Pressure Reducing Systems
  • Pure Steam Generators
  • Feedwater Tanks with Deaerator Dome
  • Steam Trap Systems
  • Separators
  • Mixing Coolers, Sample Coolers, and more.

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ARI Steam Trap Combo

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