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Clarke Valve

Shutter Valve™ – the World’s most Compact & Efficient Control Valve.

Engineered with aerospace design principles in mind, Clarke Valve’s Dilating Valve (also known as the Shutter Valve) reduces fugitive emissions by 98%, while maintaining a lighter weight and smaller footprint. The Shutter Valve has operated for millions of hours worldwide, resulting in a reliable solution for all customers’ precision flow control needs. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Universal Mating

With identical End-to-End Dimensions of ASME B16.10 Globe and Ball Valves, no modifications are required for installation. Works with either manual or automatic ISO 5211 actuators.

Inherent Geometric Benefits

Continuous center operation provides virtually no noise or cavitation levels. Curved petals allow smooth, predictable pressure drops, while center notches protect the seals and provide a tight shut off.

Yes, Even Class VI

Optional Class VI “bubble tight” shut off up to ASME Pressure Class 1500 means zero leakage at your operating pressure, with precise throttling capability that’s easily programmed into your PLC.

Designed For Safety

OASME B16.34 tested & inspected at 1.5 X specified operating pressure before leaving the facility.

Precision Rangeability

The aperture creates a centralized flow stream anywhere between a fine mist to a wide-open port, resulting in certified 500:1 Rangeability, 10X better than Globe Valves.

Incredibly Compact Design

On a Cv equivalent basis, we’re 20% the size of other valves, with 20% of the weight, while maintaining the ideal equal percentage valve characteristic. Made possible by the unique geometric mechanical design.

Energy Efficient

Our petals open and close perpendicular to the flow, thus reducing the required torque of the valve. That means you can go electric where you couldn’t before, and valve automation costs are significantly reduced.


Available in Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and other custom materials, to suit your individual needs.

Shutter Valve™ – the World’s most Compact & Efficient Control Valve.