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IMI PBM Valves

IMI PBM offers a comprehensive product line for optimum performance in controlling and automating process lines.  IMI PBM valves minimize contamination, facilitate clean-in-place, solve clogging problems and reduce downtime.  IMI PBM valves offer exceptional value, reliability and service that customers have relied on for over 100 years.  Simply put, IMI PBM does it right the first time and delivers on time.

Fewer Process Interruptions:

IMI PBM valves provide bidirectional upstream sealing. Seats are compressed tightly against the ball in the valve Body bolts can be tightened to compensate for normal seat wear without having to remove the valve or interruption the process.

Improved Product Yields:

IMI PBM offers optional True-Bore® for pipe valves with port diameter equal to the pipe schedule ID. This equates to a lot more flow rate compared to traditional port diameters.

Unique Solutions to Problems:

  • Thousands of unique valve solutions per year
  • Designs to specifically address an application or problem
  • Designs to ANSI, DIN, SMS, and ISO dimensions and standards
  • CAD Drawings in any format can be submitted to customers

Documentation Available:

  • MTR (Material Test Reports)
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • LP (Liquid penetrate)
  • Radiographic examination

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