ARI Solutions: Control, Isolation, Safety, Steam Trapping, Systems

A Complete Solutions Partner – 20,000 products in over 200,000 variants.

From industrial processes and chemicals through shipbuilding to building management: ARI is a competent partner for control Рisolation Рsafety Рsteam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. ARI manufactures high-quality, heavy-duty valves in line with the latest standards in Webster, Texas, USA and several locations in Germany.  ARI Рa Trusted Partner.

REYCO Safety Relief Valves:

  • ARI – Reyco Safety Relief Valves

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CONA Steam Traps:

  • CONA Steam Traps
  • Steam Trap Components & Accessories
  • Manifolds for Condensate Collection

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ARI Energy Systems:

  • PREsys Pressure Reducing Systems
  • FLASHsys Flash Steam System
  • ENCOsys Heat Exchange Systems
  • CORsys Condensate Recovery and Return Station
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pure Steam Generators
  • Feedwater Tanks with Deaerator Domes

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STEVI Control Valves:

  • Two-Way & Three-Way
  • Pneumatic & Electric Actuated
  • Control, Mixing/Diverting
  • High Rangeability
  • Harsh Environment Options

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Pressure Reduction & Control:

  • Pressure Reducing Valves – PREDU & PRESO
  • Pressure Regulating Control – PREDEX Series
  • Self-Operated Proportional Regulators¬†

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TEMPTROL Temperature Control:

  • Temperature Control Valves
  • Self-Contained, Self Acted
  • Field Adjustable Set-Points

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  • Globe Valves – FABA & STOBU Series
  • Flow Regulating Valves – ASTRA Series
  • Butterfly Valves – ZEDOX, ZETRIX, ZESA, GESA
  • Check Valves &¬†Strainers

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  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Electric Actuators
  • Positioners

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